5 Tips for Successful Entrepreneurs
08 Nov 2016

5 Tips for Successful Entrepreneurs

There are a million ideas that run

08 Nov 2016

There are a million ideas that run through the minds of budding entrepreneurs and just about as many suggestions for them as well. You have something you want to do, but you aren’t sure how to get it to really take off, and the advice out there can be confusing or conflicting. As one who has successfully launched two businesses, I want to share with you 5 tips that I know will help you because it’s exactly what helped me.

  1. Don’t listen to those who don’t know: sophOne of the biggest mistakes nearly everyone makes when fulfilling their dreams, is they listen to the wrong people. As you are struggling and working to make your goals a reality, your crazy dreams, your wild success, there will be a lot of naysayers and the most destructive are those closest to us, that love us. Just know, that if they haven’t made their dreams a reality, if they haven’t done it, then the only advice they can give you is advice that will only give you the same exact results they have.
  2. Do what scares you: Often what scares you the most is exactly what you need to do. As long as it’s moral, legal and ethical, go for it. Get outside of your comfort zone, put yourself in a position to be VULNERABLE. Why? Because when you’re vulnerable you’re authentic, and when you are vulnerable, you set yourself above 95% of all other people and become recognizable to your niche.
  3. Do what others won’t: Doing what scares you isn’t enough to be successful. It’s important that you study your competitors, or those who are doing something similar to what you are going for. See what they aren’t doing or aren’t willing to do, and do it. What others don’t do or won’t do is sometimes exactly what people want and will pay for. It’s as simple as adding an additional service or feature or support that makes your work over-the-top amazing!
  4. Listen to your niche: As much as you might wish that you could just come up with an idea, do it, and be successful, the reality is, you can’t be successful and live your dreams unless you give people what they want. So, no matter what you initially think people want, the only way to figure out what they want is talk to your niche. Talk to them, ask questions and listen. Listening means observing the way they spend their money. If you have a service that no one buys, then they are telling you that you might need to change something. People speak with their money.
  5. Double your efforts: No matter how much you think you are doing there is always something more that you can do. But, instead of being vague and saying you should do more, let me tell you that you should double your efforts in promoting yourself. Double, triple, or even quadruple any efforts that get you seen. If you post once or twice a day on Facebook and twitter, then post 4 times a day. If you’re only writing words in your posts, try using pictures and especially videos of yourself speaking and sharing ideas that are all about helping your niche, not talking about how awesome you are. You are only awesome to people if you treat them as awesome!

These are simple but vitally effective ways to go from obscurity to being known and successful. Application is key to everything, and if you apply nothing you gain nothing. So, as always, apply, apply, apply! Just try one of these. If had to suggest just one for you to start out with, it would either be #1 or #4. Those will be most valuable as you are getting started. Try each one and watch your results grow.

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