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Learning these skills has made a huge impact in my life! It greatly increased my understanding of emotion and energy and how they are connected to physical ailments.

Lorena Joy

The things I have learned have transformed my mind in ways that I never have imagined. I am more confident, I feel more powerful, I am inspired to help others and I am pushing my dreams full force. If you told me even 6-months ago what I am accomplishing today I wouldn’t have believed it. This helped me put my manifesting powers into full swing!

Amber Stevenson

I am a business owner, radio host, author as well as a mom to 5 kids. Allison has been such a gift for me. I am stronger in my personal life, more balanced in my faith and I am more focused in my business.

Amy Walker

My favorite thing about Soul Intuition is how good I feel immediately after the session, and then how amazing I feel the next day. My body feels so good the day after!

Ales S.

Since taking the Soul Intuition program, I have felt a much stronger connection to my children and am more in tune with what is going on with them physically as well as emotionally.


Allison is a great inspiration and has opened great opportunities for me to grow and step into my purpose.

Brooks Gibbs

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