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A couple questions…

  1. Are you settling in life, business or relationships?
  2. Is it possible you are more fearful than you realize?
  3. Will you be able to recognize opportunities when they present themselves?

These are empowering questions that enable people to grow.  It’s also easy and tempting to rationalize or trivialize these questions and your answers with a lot of excuses.  But what are you really capable of?  What really is your true potential?

My name is Allison Larsen and I have made it my life’s work to help people discover the best version of themselves.  You truly can live a more limitless life if you want to.  I believe that you have god given gifts that to some degree are just laying dormant inside you right now.

Do you know what it means to follow your heart, listen to the still small voice, play big and really make your presence felt?

You can tap your soul intuition and I will show you how.  I know because I have done it myself.  Not long ago I ran a small yet successful foot reflexology practice in Starr, ID population 5,000.  In a series of simple yet important moves and shifts I developed a brand which I turned into a book which I turned into a California Cable TV Show.

I have a passion for helping other people break out!

Ready?  Let’s talk!

Allison H. Larsen



  • My favorite thing about Soul Intuition is how good I feel immediately after the session, and then how amazing I feel the next day. My body feels so good the day after!

    Ales S.
  • Since taking the Soul Intuition program, I have felt a much stronger connection to my children and am more in tune with what is going on with them physically as well as emotionally.

  • Learning these skills has made a huge impact in my life! It greatly increased my understanding of emotion and energy and how they are connected to physical ailments.

    Lorena Joy
  • I am a business owner, radio host, author as well as a mom to 5 kids. Allison has been such a gift for me. I am stronger in my personal life, more balanced in my faith and I am more focused in my business.

    Amy Walker
  • The things I have learned have transformed my mind in ways that I never have imagined. I am more confident, I feel more powerful, I am inspired to help others and I am pushing my dreams full force. If you told me even 6-months ago what I am accomplishing today I wouldn’t have believed it. This helped me put my manifesting powers into full swing!

    Amber Stevenson
  • Allison is a great inspiration and has opened great opportunities for me to grow and step into my purpose.

    Brooks Gibbs